Victor Sankarlingam

Enterprise Architect with 13+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Proficient in developing and deploying Anything as a Service (XaaS), Distributed Systems & Blockchain.

Pioneer in building the first Public Cloud in India in 2010 even before AWS came up with their VPC design. Awarded for building Protein Sequencing in-memory cluster with 10K nodes when in-memory GRID when the technology was its infancy.

Current work includes Genomic sequencing using proprietary wave framework with higher efficiency rates than normal GPU based sequencers.

Econ Grad summa cum laude, commodities and equities trader.

Muthu Krishnan Selvamani

Experienced Software Developer building on legacy architecture, Web Based Systems, Distributed Systems & Blockchain.

Architected migration of various legacy systems to Modern Web Systems and is currently architecting engineering systems in the Casino industry.

Since 2016, he played an active role in the blockchain space and has co-developed dapps in Ethereum Ecosystem and a fanatic Solidity developer.

Avid tech enthusiastic in nature and also a novice trader in stocks and options. Masters in Computer Science.

Bharat Verma

Bharat Verma is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits. An avid Blockchain enthusiast with multi-dimensional background in Software Development, Biz Dev, Law, Real Estate and Marketing.

Fascinated by his zeal in business, he holds triple degrees in Computer Science Engineering, a Masters degree in Business and Management from the UK and a Bachelors of Law degree with honors.

Early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum and has been a core contributor advising multiple founders to this space ever since in any way possible.